How to Find Anyone’s Email Address


Just a couple of weeks before, I shared an article about how to outreach like a pro, giving step by step details about the process, while at the same time, I was talking about how important outreach is for your business.


One of the major parts in outreach process (and not only there), is finding quality and trustworthy leads of your target audience. Once upon a while, trying to make a list of valid emails, searching through web manually, was like looking for gold in the ocean, usually with poor results. Thankfully, today there are many tools that make every Growth Hacker’s life easier! is one of them and to be honest, is a really good one!

Have you ever heard of

If yes, you can still go on reading this guide to get a better understanding of how it works – unless you are someone from team (in this case thanks for reading us!). If not, now is a good opportunity for you to meet a smart growth hacking tool. But enough with the introduction, time to learn some stuff!

According what they say about themselves, “is the easiest way to find the email address of any professional”. And actually that’s a good and to the point short definition of the tool. In fact, what they do, is crawling the whole web, searching for any email address that is available in public, evaluate their validity and organize it in their data libraries.

What can I do with

The tool is offering pretty much options to the users, which are getting more as time goes by, with new features coming out all the time. The main features of, in short, are:


    • Domain Search, where you can track all the professional emails of people from a list of companies or websites.
    • Email Finder, where you can track the email addresses from the professionals you are interested in.
    • Email Verifier, where you can check if the email address you have on your list, is actually valid.
    • Bulk search, in case you have a list of companies or professionals you want to enrich by uploading it to in CSV.
    • The Chrome Extension that enables you track and save the available email addresses from the website you are browsing.
    • The Google Sheets Add-on, so that you can save and organize your search results right to a Google sheet.

Their brand-new feature that is the mail tracker for gmail, where you can see if the emails you send are being delivered and get notified when they are opened!


How do I get access to services?


To use, you need to create an account. If you are a casual user you can maintain a free account with 100 requests* per month. Otherwise, there are many options for you according to your budget on the rest 4 plans (Starter, Growth, Pro and Enterprise).

  • Tip: If you are looking for a long-term use of the tool, maybe it’s better to think about the yearly plan, cause in this case, you’ll have a 20% discount on the total amount.

* Requests on are the actions that charge you. More specifically, a request is:

  • A domain search that returns the email addresses from a certain domain
  • An email address found through search with First name, Last name and Domain name
  • The verification of an email address to check if it is valid or not


Can I share my account with others?

Tools are made to make the work of a team easier, so, it’s good if they can be simply shared through teams. That’s how it works with! You can create your team and add as team members your colleagues. This way, you’ll be able to share the requests of your subscription.

But keep in mind that the requests will be only shared through the team members, which means that if you have for example 5K requests for a month, it will be 5K/Team Members and not 5K to each team member.


What can I do with the Domain Search option?


Domain Search allows you to find all the professional email addresses under a certain domain (for example and that are available in public on web. Yet, the email addresses themselves are not the only info you can get through Domain Search.

By using Domain Search, you can enrich your list with additional information about each lead you got such as:

    1. Full name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Job Title
    4. Twitter Profile
    5. LinkedIn Profile


To make it even more easier for you, gives you the option to filter your search results in order to find specific people by typing their first and last name. Even more you can choose to see the email addresses from specific departments of a company (ex. only from Sales Department), depending the job titles appeared in the search results. In case you are not sure about the domain spelling, you can just type some letter and the tool will help you find the appropriate domain name through autocomplete options.


Nevertheless, there are also some restrictions on the tool usage, that won’t affect you in an important way, but you should be aware of.

  1. The first one is about the number of the email addresses that are allowed to be extracted. In fact, there is a limit of 5000 email addresses per domain with the domain search option.
  2. The second one is about the tracking of personal email addresses. As the tool is designed for professional use, it won’t return you results with personal email addresses or other info.

What about the Email Finder?

With the Email Finder option you are able to track specific email addresses without searching and filtering. All you need to do is to insert the full name and the company or the domain name of the company that the person you are looking for, works in and you’ll have you results, provided that they are available publicly on web.

→ Keep in mind that you’ll need to fill all of the fields to get your search results.

Check the accuracy of each email address through Email Verifier


To eliminate your bounce rates, the email verifier tool of will help you  check if an email address is valid or not, by checking its deliverability. There are 8 factors that define if the email address that you put on the tool, is reliable or not:

  1. The email address format is valid and looks correct (for example: [email protected])
  2. The name of the email address does make sense and it’s not a random row of characters (for example [email protected])
  3. The domain name of the email address is actually used for temporary email addresses.
  4. Check if the email address is running under a webmail such as gmail or hotmail.
  5. Check if there are email exchanger records on this email address. This will let us know if there is a mail server authorized to accept emails under the recipient’s domain.
  6. Check the presence of Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server.
  7. If number 6 is successful then they check the SMTP to see if it bounces or not.
  8. Check if there is a catch-all domain, which means that the email sent will be received even if the domain is misspelled.

Yet, keep in mind that the verifications are safe at a percentage of 95%. This means that even if an email address pass the check of the email verifier, there is still a small chance of bouncing.

Like domain search, email verifier has also some restrictions on its use.

  • When it comes to a certain domain name, you can check up to 200 email addresses under the same domain every 24 hours.
  • As already said, the tool is designed for professional use only. This means, that if you try to verify personal email addresses you won’t get any results.

In case you are not looking only for a certain company with one and only domain name, but you have a list of companies you want to get their email addresses and additional info, you don’t have to do the domain search separably for each domain name. You can ask for a bulk task instead, that allows you to upload a CSV or TXT file, or just copy paste the list of the domain names you are interested in, and you’ll end up with the email addresses of multiple domains at once.

Same it goes with the Bulk Email Finder functionality, where you are allowed to find multiple email addresses from a list of names and companies or domains. As the simple email finder, make sure that in your file, there is all the info needed for the search (Full Name and Domain or Company). Also, bear in mind that you are allowed to find up to 150.000 email addresses per file.

Bulk tasks couldn’t go without including the email verifier tool. Actually, is one of your best (not to say the best) options, i you want to verify a list of multiple email address coming from different domain names. The Bulk Task of the email verifier, will perform multiple checks on each email address and will give you the final results. Also here, you should remember that you are not allowed to include more than 200 email addresses that are under the same domain name.

What are the options of the Chrome Extension?

First of all I need to inform you that the extension is not only available for Chrome browsers, you can also install it on your Firefox, if this is the browser you use. The extension, gives you the opportunity to track any email address of the website you are browsing at the moment. Just click on the extension icon and you’ll have all the public email addresses under this domain right in front of your page.

The installation is for free and the available requests you can use, depend on the plan you have. If you use it for free, you have up to 100 requests per month.

Why to integrate with Google sheets?

One of the things I like the most about, is that is trying to help you organize your search from A to Z. Google sheets Add-on, lets you save all the data you find right on sheet on your google drive. In the same way, instead of making a list of domain names, or personal data in order to upload them to and make your search, you can simply make the integration, send the data and enrich it easier, faster and well organized.

This Add-on is also available for free and the options you have depend on your plan (same with the extension).

Things to keep in mind about Google sheets Add-on:

  • When you use the email finder, you have a limit of 500 rows. If you wish to make a bigger search, go with the Bulk task option.
  • Also, for the email finder, you have to provide the First name, the Last name and the the company/domain name to get your results. If you use the domain name, you have more chances to get better results.

What’s the MailTracker new option?

The latest “hack” of, is the MailTracker option. You can install for free the email tracker which is available only for Gmail, and track info such as, if your email is send and opened.

Why is this cool?

Cause when you are outreaching someone, you can know for sure when it’s the best time to follow up.

Before you go

Just like everything else, there are Pro’s and Con’s with this process. So you have to be careful of how you’re using these practises. But to know how to master these technologies  is a big plus for your project and can help you get all the data you want at a glance and – of course – save lot of money!

Now you know how to find email addresses in seconds.

What tools do you use to find email addresses missing from your contact list?

It’d be great to hear your experience and what you’ve found works best!

This article originally appeared on GrowthRocks and has been republished with permission by the author.