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Email Subject Line A/B Testing Quiz

One of the best parts of being a digital marketer, and a growth hacker, is that you get the chance to experiment with things – a lot. However, before experimenting with your client first, there is another, bigger, guinea pig to play with: your agency. Unless you work for the most bizarre agency on this planet, you are responsible for the marketing of your own marketing agency.

The same way we would experiment with a tool, a tactic, a new SEO trick, or a budget allocation formula in PPC, we also experiment with something so simple, yet so essential: email subject lines. An A/B test doesn’t have to be complex, like our LinkedIn A/B Test. Writing 2 subject lines instead of 1 requires only a little more of your time.

An email subject line is the most crucial component of an email. Your email recipients will never read your email if they are not convinced by the email subject line first. Writing a catchy email subject line is one of the first things you learn if you want to master the art of crafting a compelling copy.

Likewise, I always A/B test the subject lines of our newsletter emails. Our newsletter has a few thousand subscribers. We send out an email every Tuesday, sharing our weekly blog post. Our email list is already 5(!) years old, and the truth is we’ve never cleaned it. Therefore, before I do an email scrubbing next week, I decided to visit all of the tests to extract some knowledge.

Many of the results surprised me. For example, take a look at the very last A/B test I did, which was part of the distribution for the article “SEO vs PPC: Everything You Need to Know”.

Subject line A – SEO vs PPC: When should you choose one over the other?

Subject line B – SEO or PPC: This is what you should choose.

Even when both email subject lines deliver the same message, a slight change of wording resulted in a 6.5% open rate change! But which one had the highest click-to-open rate?

For that, I made a Quiz.
I gathered the 12 most interesting A/B tests and their results.
The titles have the exact words, capitalization, and punctuation with the original email subject lines. And, of course, the actual click-to-open rate.

So, do you think you can tell a good email subject line from a bad one?

Can you guess which of our email subject lines had the highest click-to-open rate?

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If you scored above 8, I’d love to know!